12 Common Marriage Reconciliation Mistakes to Avoid after Infidelity (2023)

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Common Marriage Reconciliation Mistakes to Avoid after Infidelity – Infidelity is one of the root causes of several cases of divorces we hear and read every day on the net.

A lot of homes are seriously on fire today due to this trend called infidelity.

You don’t just only have sex to be a cheater, there are other ways one can cheat in marriage.

Once you start hiding things from your partner or lying about your movements.

You’re halfway to infidelity.

Infidelity in a marriage can come in different ways, either by having sexual affairs or emotional affairs whichever one it is, know that having extramarital affairs in marriage is like a wound to the heart which may likely build a lack of trust, bitterness, grief, and regret in marriages.

According to marriage experts, relationships between couples are like crystal, once broken, building back together will never be a walk in the park.

But once couples take the bold step to build up again, it is normal to make some common marriage reconciliation mistakes after infidelity that stops or slows the healing process.

If you are battling how to sort out infidelity issues in your marriage right now, count yourself so lucky to have come across this amazing article.

In this post, you will learn about the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity and lots more.

But first of all, let’s see if couples can reconcile after the case of infidelity.

Is it possible for couples to reconcile after infidelity?

Of course, couples can reconcile after infidelity though depending on the couples involved.

Having reconciliation after infidelity will not only help couples to renew and build a stronger relationship for themselves but will also make their marriage better than it was before.

It may look impossible to reconcile after infidelity, but taking the right steps of figuring out what lead to the infidelity, forgiving, and accepting that building a new relationship will help make it possible, yet help them achieve their aims.

Having seen that couples can reconcile after infidelity, now let’s see the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity.

12 common marriages reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity.

Whenever a man or woman goes astray in marriage, there is always confusion as to what one should do after infidelity, either to get a divorce or keep up with the marriage.

It is not always easy to build trust again after infidelity nor is it easy to walk out.

In some cases of infidelity, some couples will decide to go their separate ways while some may choose to look for solutions to sort things out and move on either for personal motives or monetary reasons.

However, if you do agree on giving your marriage another chance, then you need to take note of these 12 common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity to make sure never to go through similar pain and trauma again in your marriage.

Below are the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity:

  1. Failure to identify what went wrong.
  2. Lying about the issue.
  3. Feeling too hurt.
  4. Trying to take revenge.
  5. Having grudges.
  6. Being too suspicious.
  7. Lack of communication.
  8. Unwilling to forgive.
  9. Trying to shame your partner.
  10. Trying to act as if nothing happened or you’re not pained.
  11. In haste to get healed.
  12. Seeking help from the wrong hands.

1. Failure to identify what went wrong.

One of the most common marriage reconciliation mistakes couples make after infidelity is, not willing to find out what gave rise to the cheating in the first place.

According to a relationship expert, Robert says, once you can spot what went wrong that made your partner involved in an extramarital affair, it will be easier for both of you to come up with a lasting solution to address the issue and support each other to move on so that this doesn’t occur again in the future.

2. Lying about the issues.

You have already broken the trust in your marriage by cheating on your partner, first of all, you have to admit that you are wrong.

If not, it will be tough for your partner to get healed from the trauma when you keep on lying about the situation.

So, to avoid these common marriage reconciliation mistakes after infidelity, say nothing but the truth about everything that has happened.

For instance, maybe your reason for cheating on your partner is due to a lack of love for him or her.

But instead of giving an account of exactly what led to your infidelity, you start lying about being committed to the relationship, that’s bad.

You need to understand that at this moment, what your partner needs from you is truthfulness, openness, and honesty. Don’t lie about feeling a commitment to your partner immediately if it is not true.

Tell him or her the truth about every area of your relationship, whether big or small, even if it hurts to hear, just be honest with yourself and your spouse to get healing in your marriage.

3. Feeling too hurt.

When a partner has been cheated and betrayed in a relationship or marriage, It’s normal for you to feel hurt and angered often about the situation but being too bitter about the deed that has been done will never help the issue at hand but rather, it will damage the trust you are trying to build again in your marriage.

So, if you truly want to move on and create a new relationship in your marriage after being betrayed, this is one of the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid.

4. Trying to take revenge.

If you’re willing to remain a couple after infidelity, you need to love yourself during this time, just like you would during any other tough situation.

Sometimes after infidelity in marriage, the thoughts of putting a cap on your healing may try to establish In your head, and you will start saying things like ‘I have to pay him or her back with the same coins, or if I revenge back, it will help me to heal fast.

Have in mind that, revenge is not an option at this point, keeping such thoughts in your mind will only cause destruction to your marriage.

Hence, what you need to do after discovering infidelity, is to grieve over it, accept the situation, and then try to restrain the thought of retaliation.

Though it may be difficult, try to get away with this intuition from your mind to help save your marriage.

5. Having grudges.

The grief of infidelity never goes away quickly, of course. It takes hard work and effort to bounce back again when trying to reconcile or overcome the pain.

And so, bringing up the issues oftentimes when your partner does something to you means that you have not been properly healed from the trauma, and this will deter smooth reconciliation between you and your partner.

Thus, to have peace of mind in your marriage, this is
another common marriage reconciliation mistake to avoid after infidelity.

6. Being too suspicious.

One of the most common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity is getting too suspicious of your partner.

After settling the issues of infidelity in marriage some couples might start feeling insecure in that marriage, either they start going through their partner’s phones, searching for messages, peeking through their stuff, or spying on them.

Agreed, your suspicions are acceptable as are your fears but doing stuff like this will only worsen the situation, and may also lead to further problems in the future if you don’t stop digging further.

Therefore, If you have decided to forgive and move on, do it with all your mind and stop being doubtful.

7. Lack of communication.

Falling out of love after infidelity always depends on how strong your communications are.

If you truly want to avoid the common marriage reconciliation mistakes after infidelity, learn to communicate well, discuss your likes and fears openly with your partner, and let them know what you can tolerate and what not.

For example, if you are uneasy with how your spouse plays or teases your friends, don’t hesitate to spell it out in time.

As this will not only help you both to understand the new restrictions but as well enable you both to follow the new rules to be able to build love and trust back in your marriage.

8. Unwilling to truly forgive.

Unwilling to truly forgive your partner is one of the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity.

Since they are remorseful for their past action, it is wrong to continue feeling sad and unwilling to let go of the whole thing.

Some couples will never truly let go after infidelity, you speak about it often, you give them a long face sometimes, or act impolite just to remind or make them feel worse about their actions.

Of course, having a cheating partner hurts, but if you have decided to reconcile with your partner and continue with the relationship, you have to truly forgive each other to have peace of mind.

9. Trying to shame your partner.

Sometimes, when the extramarital affair is known and you’re trying to fix things up, you may be tempted to use some tactics to make your partner look guilty in the eyes of people.

Some even go to the extent of denying their spouse access to their kids, which can cause more problems.

Sure, infidelity can be tough on everyone but never make the mistake of getting your parents and children involved in the matter in a way to shame your partner.

So, to avoid this common marriage reconciliation mistake, you have to put your kids, friends, and family members off from the matter between the two of you to improve the relationship with your spouse after infidelity.

10. Trying to act as if nothing happened or you’re not pained.

One of the things that will help you get over tough times after infidelity is the ability to let your anger out.

Acting as if all is well with you when in the real sense all is not well will never heal your emotional wounds and hence should not be used in a troubled marriage.

So, to avoid making more reconciliations mistakes or being traumatized, you need to express how you feel to help you get over the whole drama out of your brain and to avoid resentment which may later give rise to more issues in the future.

11. In haste to get healed.

The process of recovery back after being betrayed by someone you love and trust may probably take a lot of time to get over it.

Know that it’s fine to make things work again, but don’t be too fast to get healed from the hurt, if not, you may not truly get healed or fix the crack in your marriage but will likely live with the regrets all your life.

So, it’s okay to give yourself enough time to be competently healed and at this point, make sure to be there for each other as much as possible to make it easy for both of you to move on.

12. Seeking help from the wrong hands.

Reconciling with your partner after cheating is never going to be a walk in the park but once you decide to move on in that marriage, It’s best to seek professional help rather than discussing the problem with everyone, as not all can give decent guidance.

Remember that your marriage is at a sensitive stage at this time and that any more mistakes may worsen the situation.

That’s why you should only talk with an impartial third party whose motive is to rightly direct both of you toward a better relationship to make your reconciliation after infidelity becomes quite easier.

Final words

Reconciliation, getting over the hurt, and building the trust back in your marriage after infidelity is not going to be a bed of roses.

Thankfully, you have read the common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity, and have understood that It’s possible to reconcile after infidelity.

However, have in mind that the reconciliation process may be quite challenging at first, but once you and your partner have decided to forgive each other and avoid the common marriage reconciliation mistakes listed above, it will only take a great time, hard work, patience, to rebuild and revive the love and trust in your marriage again.


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12 Common Marriage Reconciliation Mistakes to Avoid after Infidelity (2)


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