25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (2023)

You get the perfect haircut. You leave the salon feeling—and looking—like a supermodel. Then, you wash and try to style it for the first time... and it looks nothing like it did the day you left the salon (sigh).

The sad fact is that not all haircuts are wash-and-go. So to help you avoid repeating the above scenario, we've rounded up 25 of the best low-maintenance haircuts for a variety of hair types and textures—along with expert input from stylists Holly Dear, Gina Rivera, Leigh Hardges, and Laura Polko. Keep scrolling to find your easiest, breeziest hairstyle yet.

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Thick: Blunt Bangs

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Since a thick mane can take a long time to dry and style, consider going short to cut down on maintenance time. Lisa's iconic blunt bangs are a great option for those with thick hair since the density will weigh them down and help them naturally drape across the forehead.

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Thick: Tiered Layers

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (2)

Although blunt bangs tend to flatter thick hair, an overall blunt cut doesn't pose as the best option for this particular texture. Choose long layers instead, which will take off some of the weight to speed up styling. "Long seamless layers give internal movement, so you can't tell where one layer starts and/or ends," says Dear.

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Thick: Half-Up, Half-Down With Waves

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Half-up, half-down hairstyles are a great way for those with thick hair to pull their strands back without a ton of tension (or several hair ties). To create beautiful tendrils, such as these on Ashley Graham, Hardges likes the Dyson Air Wrap ($599): "It totally eliminates the blow-dry and curl steps by making a blowdryer that curls like an iron."

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Thick: Choppy Bob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (4)

Olivia Wilde's layered bob is edgy-meets-elegance. "A chin-touching bob with choppy layers is a great look that is easy to maintain if you’re blessed with thick locks," says Rivera. "The cut removes bulk, making it easier to manage." To get the most out of this look, she suggests applying a styling cream like the Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Air Dry Crème ($11) to damp hair—no blowdrying required.

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Thick: Frace-Framing Layers

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (5)

Ask for long layers around your face to create movement and a flattering, face-framing shape. Have your stylist tailor your layers to complement your natural texture and face shape. "Find a stylist that takes the time to listen and understand your hair and your lifestyle," says Hardges. "Also, good professional products and tools will make your life a breeze."

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Thin: Lob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (6)

When it comes to thin or fine hair, you can't go wrong with the ever-versatile and low-maintenance lob. "To really emphasize fullness, add a small amount of mousse, turn the head upside down, and scrunch the hair slightly while drying," instructs Rivera."To finish, flip hair upwards and use your fingers to tousle the hair from underneath rather than combing it out. Finish with a spritz of Clutch Hairspray ($17) for a fun, edgy look."

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Thin: Blunt Shag

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (7)

The shag is back and better than ever. Although it has traditionally been worn by those who have medium to thick hair, Dear says that fine-haired folks can also rock this cut: "Blunt ends give integrity to this shape, and the shag allows a face-framing and carefree movement for an overall fuller look." To style, "add Living Proof's Texture Volumizer ($30) and Dry Volume Blast ($35) for hold and texture. Dry hair back and forth using your fingers or a paddle brush."

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Thin: Blunt Bob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (8)

Thin hair has a hard time maintaining volume, so instead of fighting to create fullness with lots of layers and styling products, embrace an easy, one-length cut. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut—blunt ends create the illusion of thickness. For all hair types, but straight hair especially, "a stylist should focus on the problem areas for the client like cowlicks or thinning hair because those can pose bigger problems as they grow out," says Hardges.

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Thin: Sleek Blunt Lob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (9)

You see where we're going here: If you have thin hair, blunt ends are your friend. Since you aim to enhance body and density, allow a little length to the collarbone because it adds the appearance of fullness.

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Thin: The Updated "Rachel"

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (10)

Hair that falls just below the shoulders weighs itself down just enough so that you won’t have to fuss with a ton of product and heat styling. If you do want to speed up the drying process, Hardges recommends using a blow-dry brush like the Trademark Beauty Easy Blo ($49)."The combination of heat and varied bristle lengths provides the tension needed to really smooth the hair," she says. "Plus, it’s super lightweight, making it very easy to maneuver."

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Curly: Mid-Length U-Cut

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (11)

If you're looking to maintain your length and a style that will allow you to show off your curly texture, a U-shaped haircut is a great option. "Mid-length U-cuts are great for naturally curly hair," Rivera tells us. "The cut allows you to remove some bulk, making the hair easier to tame, and it also [emphasizes] longer loose curls."

Mid-length U-shaped cuts provide a myriad of styling options, like the fashionable and foolproof high ponytail. Dress it up or down by selecting the right elastic or ponytail holder—and don't forget a bit of curl cream to define curls and add bounce.

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Curly: Angular Lob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (12)

An a-line or angular lob that’s longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back adds shape to curly hair, giving it a built-in style even when you wash and go. "Medium hair is all in the layers," says Polko. "This is what will keep your hair from looking triangular as it grows." Follow Chrissy Teigen's lead and take your long bob to the next level by wearing it "wet."

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Curly: Box Braided Bob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (13)

If you have textured hair, protective styles are a great way to significantly shorten your morning prep time (even if you'll have to set aside a good chunk of your day for installation). A box braided bob, like Kiki Layne's seen here, will be significantly less heavy on your head than the standard mid-back length. (And they'll dry much faster when you wash them, too.)

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Curly: Long and Layered

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (14)

Opt for curls that fall below your collarbone, and ask for plenty of layers throughout to remove some of the bulk. "For curls, length is important. Curly hair has a more awkward grow-out pattern, so the longer it is, the easier to maintain," comments Polko. To achieve Salma Hayek's effortless waves, Dear says to apply curl cream while the hair is still wet. Scrunch and let dry naturally or diffuse if you're in a hurry.

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Curly: Extra-Long Layers

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (15)

To get Kelly Rowland's super-tight curls, keep your layers extra long in front to avoid fighting with curls in your face. Dear suggests a Deva cut, which is specifically geared toward those with natural curls. "It is a techniqueused to help your curls be supported and grow out effortlessly," she explains. "A good curly haircut is all about the grow out—how the shape will look and transform once it starts to grow," emphasizes Hardges.

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Wavy: Asymmetrical With Deep Side Part

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An asymmetrical cut with a deep side part is perfect for wavy hair if you’re looking for easy styling."Add some styling mousse and a bit of root booster for texture," Rivera advises. "Partially dry the hair, focusing on the roots, and then allow the remainder to air dry. Style with your fingertips for a natural look. If you’re going for sleek, tuck one side behind your ear," à la Keri Russell.

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Wavy: Tousled Pixie

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (17)

If you have wavy hair and aren’t afraid to go short, consider a tousled pixie cut. Waves lend texture to this classic style, which requires little to no upkeep. "Any strong shape in a haircut shouldn't require a ton of styling," says Hardges. "Undercuts and pixie cuts are my faves, though: Just a little finger tousling, maybe a spray wax for texture and hold, and then out the door you go."

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Wavy: Shoulder-Length Shag

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (18)

Lucy Hale's '70s-inspired 'do has the perfect lived-in texture. For longer wavy hair, a shoulder-length shag that you can just scrunch with salt spray (we love the Ouai Wave Spray, $28) is the ultimate in low-maintenance hairstyles. Equally low-maintenance are accessories. "I love using accessories, like snap clips, headbands, or giant scrunchies. They can elevate your style and tie it all together without much work," says Polko.

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Wavy: Voluminous Bob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (19)

If your hair is thick and wavy, a shorter hairstyle will help you cut styling and drying time. Show off your wave pattern by opting for a layered, voluminous bob. Going slightly shorter in the front will emphasize your facial features.

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Wavy: Face-Framing Layers

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (20)

Ask for lots of face-framing layers (or DIY) to prevent your natural texture from overpowering you. Believe it or not, the right cut—and not just the right products—can help keep your waves effortless, cool, and even frizz-free. Got second-day hair? "You can create an easy slicked-back look by working with your natural oils and even adding a hair mask at the very front to slick your hair down in place of hairspray," says Polko. She recommends NatureLab Tokyo's Perfect Repair Treatment Masque ($19) to get the job done.

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Straight: Overgrown Shag

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (21)

Looking to grow out your shag? Then it may look something like Kristin Cavallari's 'do. A long, overgrown shag works well with a straight mane. Just air-dry and tousle your hair to add a bit of texture. A spritz of Drybar's Triple Sec 3-in-1($29) doesn't hurt either.

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Straight: Cascading Layers

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (22)

Cascadinglayers create the illusion of volume with minimal styling. And since great hair starts in the shower, "focus on hair health by using a treatment masque and a protective leave-in to reduce dry time and [get] a better air-dry result," says Polko. Just keep in mind you'll still need to keep up with the breakage to avoid the tell-tale V-shape in the back, she notes, telling us "it’s better to sacrifice a little length to have a more blunt end than to keep the tail."

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Straight: Bedhead Beach Waves

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (23)

A wispy look that lies somewhere between bedhead and beach waves—featuring face-framing layers—adds movement and a little edge. But don't overdo it with the layers: As counterintuitive as it sounds, too many can actually make your hair look less voluminous.

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Straight: Classic Lob

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (24)

Emma Roberts's lob possesses a timeless elegance that has us mesmerized. "The beauty of a lob is the straight lines and emphasis on the neck, accentuating the lines of your jaw and lips," says Dear. When styling, "utilize smoothing serums for shine and to keep from getting tangled. Dry with a paddle brush."

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Straight: Long Layers and Choppy Bangs

25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture (25)

When shopping for straight styles, look no further than Heidi Klum. Her long, choppy bangs and longer layers bring out the best in straight tresses, comments Rivera. "The cut looks perfect with highlights, balayage, or a subtle ombré. You can also gain volume with the use of a round brush when drying," she notes."For straight hair, the most important thing to look out for is the layering," adds Polko. "That’s what makes your cut able to grow out and last. Environment and heat can cause breakage, but layers can camouflage it and make it last longer between cuts."


What is the most low maintenance haircut? ›

The most low-maintenance haircuts are very short haircuts like pixies and cuts with long layers that make styling easy and don't require a ton of salon maintenance. While you'll still need to see your stylist every few months to keep your cut looking its best, you can go longer between appointments.

What is the easiest haircut to have? ›

The easiest haircut for a quick everyday routine is the short pixie, but it has to be really short and works best on hair that isn't wavy. The at-home care is simple, but in order to look sharp you will need to cut it on a monthly basis. So, needing to invest in more regular haircuts is the caveat here.

What is the 2.25 rule for short hair? ›

There's an easy, and we mean easy, way to decide if short hairstyles are in your future. We call it the 2.25 rule. Practically fool proof, this rule states that if the longest part of your chin is less than 2.25 inches from the tip of your earlobe, then short hairstyles are for you.

How do I know which haircut suits me? ›

If your face shape is round, go for a long bob with a center part to break up the roundness and elongate the face shape. Try to avoid haircuts that hug the face, as these will only accentuate the roundness. Another option, is to go for a long side swept bang or an asymmetric cut. This also breaks up the round shape.

What is a wolf cut haircut? ›

Stylist. The wolf cut, in a nutshell, is a mixture of two currently most popular and edgy haircuts – the mullet and the shag. Supposedly originated in South Korea, the wolf haircut features loads of chunky, shaggy layers on the top and wispy, wavy ends at the back. Are you wild enough to pull this hairstyle off?

What is number 1 haircut? ›

Number 1 Haircut

The #1 haircut length is one-eighth in. It is slightly longer compared to a zero haircut but is still pretty short. So, when you opt for it as an all-out haircut, you should be aware that you will get a buzz cut that will expose the scalp. That is why it is most suitable for getting the sides faded.

What are the four basic haircuts? ›

Did You Know That There Are Four Basic Haircuts?
  • The 0-degree haircut, which is also known as the “blunt” or “bob”.
  • The 45-degree haircut, better known as the “wedge”.
  • The 90-degree haircut, called the super popular “layered” haircut.
  • The 180-degree haircut, known as the “shag”.
Jun 29, 2022

What length of hair is most flattering? ›

“It's best to keep hair longer, ideally past your collarbone, if you can,” says Polko, recommending opting for long layers, if any. “Round faces should typically stick to one- length hair and avoid round cuts and too many layers,” adds celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble.

What is the 80 20 rule haircut? ›

One big thing he's doing differently: A technique he calls the 80/20 method, where 80 percent of the cut takes place while the hair is wet, and 20 percent is done after the hair has been dried straight—a sort of twist on the dry haircut.

Which cutting is best for short and thin hair? ›

If you have thin hair, a blunt cut will feign thickness, and a pixie cut makes those strands feather-light and much more pliable for styling. For thicker fine hair, well-placed long layers give dimension and volume to your bobs and lobs.

Is there an app that lets you try different hairstyles? ›

Hairstyle PRO will enable you to "visually" see what you would look like trying on a new virtual hairstyle, and then allowing you to show and share your results with your hairstylist, family, or friends before taking the plunge.

What is the most popular haircut? ›

By far, the most popular hairstyle in the country is the perm. Our research found* that a total of 33 states listed this as their most popular hairstyle.

What is the most healthy hairstyle? ›

Here are the six best hairstyles that won't damage your hairline:
  • Bangs Hairstyles. If your goal is to keep stress off your hairline, you can't go wrong with bangs! ...
  • Low Ponytail Hairstyles. ...
  • Messy Bun Hairstyles. ...
  • Loose Braid Hairstyles. ...
  • Natural Hairstyles. ...
  • Claw Clip Hairstyles.
Sep 23, 2022

What is a jellyfish haircut? ›

The jellyfish haircut sports disconnected layers that resemble a short bob with longer layers underneath. If the name is any giveaway, it truly resembles the round body and longer, billowy tentacles of a jellyfish.

What is a butterfly cut? ›

A butterfly haircut combines short layers with long layers to give your hair dimension, movement and body. The short, wispy layers hit around the chin to frame your face, highlight your features and even contour a round face shape.

What is a hush cut? ›

The “hush cut” involves either a wispy fringe that curls in a loose S-shape along the sides of the face coupled with layers that extend from the bangs all the way to the ends of the hair.

What is no 3 haircut? ›

For those not yet fluent in haircut numbers, we've made a cheat sheet (remember, 1 is the shortest and 8 is the longest) Number 1: One-eighth of an inch. Number 2: One-quarter of an inch. Number 3: Three-eighths of an inch. Number 4: Half an inch.

What is a 321 haircut? ›

Most barbers perform buzz cuts based on the golden 3-2-1 rule. That means a #3 guard on the top, a #2 guard on the sides, and a #1 guard to trim up the edges. A #3 guard is common to start with because it's about as short as you can go before you start seeing your scalp.

What is no 2 haircut? ›

These refer to the guard length used on the blades and therefore the subsequent hair length created. #1 – 3.4mm, #2 – 6.4mm, #3 – 9.5mm, #4 – 12.7mm, #7 – 22.2mm, #8 – 25.4mm.

What is a zero haircut? ›

What is a Zero Fade Haircut? A zero fade, on the other hand, is a taper fade style that leaves some hair near the base of the neck. Like all fades, the hair is longer at the top and gets shorter as you get closer to the ears and neck. However, zero fades differ from skin fades because they do not show the scalp.

What is the mermaid hair cut? ›

The hairstyle, defined by long, loose, and slightly unkempt waves, is said to be inspired by the Italian painter's romantically-captured subjects with flowing hair.

What is banks haircut? ›

When a bank takes a 'haircut', it means it accepts less than what was due in a particular loan account. Example: if a bank was owed Rs 10,000 by a borrower and it agrees to take back only Rs 8,000, it takes a 20% haircut. Banks do this for accounts where chances of making a full recovery are bleak.

What hair length makes you look younger? ›

Shoulder-length hair (or longer) with layers

Forget what you thought about long hair past the age of 40—thick hair actually looks more youthful and polished when it falls shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair has a tendency to expand at the ends, leaving you with an unflattering triangle effect.

What is the most universally flattering hairstyle? ›

The Universally Flattering Haircut

The one haircut Citrone swears looks good on everyone? The bob. Yes, the cut you've been eyeing from afar with curiosity and perhaps a tinge of fear. “The bob is such a great, versatile haircut that really suits everyone,” Citrone tells us.

What hair length is best for overweight? ›

Short Blonde Hair.

A medium-length shag is one of the most flattering haircuts for overweight women over 50. Face-framing layers and a side part help to make the face look less rounded. The layers and flyaways also give the extra volume and conceal thinning hair if it's needed.

What does 25 haircut mean? ›

For instance, say the market value of XYZ asset is Rs. 2000 and the limit you received against it is Rs. 1500, which means the haircut is 25% ((1500-2000)/2000 *100)). The haircut is applied as the lender or the exchange cannot give a loan or credit for the entire value of the asset.

Is $20 a good tip for a haircut? ›

You should tip 15% - 20% of the entire bill for good service. You can tip more for exceptional service or less if you felt the work was inadequate. Should you tip 20% on a $30 haircut? For good service, it's customary to tip your barber 20% for a $30 haircut.

What is the 2 25 rule haircut? ›

A brief summary of the 2.25-inch rule: Grab a ruler and a pencil. Place the pencil horizontally under your chin and the ruler vertically at your earlobe (see the image above). If the pencil and the ruler meet at a point less than 2.25 inches from your ear, chop away.

What is the 5.5 haircut rule? ›

The formula uses a ratio that looks at the length between your chin and your earlobe to determine whether long or short hair would suit you better. If the distance you measured is less than 5.5cm, a short haircut suits you. If it's more than 5.5cm, longer hair will (theoretically) flatter you the most.

Which haircut makes hair look thicker and longer? ›

"Blunt cuts have a solid, clean line at the perimeter of the hair that gives the appearance of fuller hair. All the hair that is at the bottom gets cut off, thus creating the illusion of more bulk."

Do guys like longer or shorter hair better? ›

CNN recently shared research that men are most likely to prefer women with long hair past the shoulders. Guys were asked to rate the same women's faces based upon short, medium-length, plus super long locks. Males rated ladies with longer hair as more attractive.

What is the best haircut for fine hair over 50? ›

Neuman Bobs, pixies, wedge cuts, and short shags are the best hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair. Keep in mind your face shape because this also plays a factor in determining how to amp the volume for your locks. So it's worth talking with your hairstylist about this.

What does a butterfly haircut look like? ›

The butterfly cut is a very layered, feathery haircut thats longest layers fall just below the shoulder. Shorter layers are cut around the crown of your head to create the illusion of having shorter strands. “The shortest top layer falls about two to three inches below your chin,” Brook says.

What does a French bob look like? ›

A French bob, or a classic Parisian women's cut, is a form of a cropped bob that's cut at chin-length and paired with bangs sitting at the brow line. The French haircut has been modernized by certain characteristics including a blunt cut, heavy texture, and beachy wavy hair.

What is the longest you can go without trimming your hair? ›

Unless you are growing your hair longer, with medium and long hairstyles you should be getting a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain its length and style. If you are aiming for Rapunzel long locks, you can wait a bit longer to let your hair grow out, getting a trim every 8-10 weeks to help prevent damage from split ends.

How long should you not cut your hair? ›

If you want to keep your hair at the same length, get it cut every 6 to 8 weeks. But if you want to grow it a little longer, cut it every 8 to 12 weeks.

What hairstyle is best for thinning hair for over 70? ›

A pixie cut is undoubtedly one of the best hairstyles for women over 70, for anyone with fine hair or rapidly thinning strands. Rather than spiking layers up, keeping them angled downwards can help mask the areas where the hair is sparse, and also allow for bangs to blend seamlessly into the rest of the style.

Which cut gives volume to thin hair? ›

Bobs, pixies, layers, and bangs — these haircuts are strategically designed to help fine hair full-fill its potential.

What are the hardest type of hair to maintain? ›

Type 4C. Type 4C coils are the tightest and most fragile. It's really easy to break them if you comb roughly or too often, and it's vital to frequently nourish the hair with rich conditioners.

What hairstyle keeps hair healthy? ›

Contents: Hairstyles for healthy hair:

Pulled-out dutch braid. Half up, half down. Messy bun. Low ponytail.

What hairstyle lasts longest? ›

What is the longest-lasting protective style? Ghana braids and cornrows can last for as long as three months. However, they need proper maintenance and care.

Are wolf cuts low maintenance? ›

One of the best things about the wolf cut is that it's relatively low-maintenance. What is this? This cut is easy to style – just run your fingers through your hair and you're good to go. If you want to add a little bit more volume or texture, you can use a sea salt spray or texturizing product.

What is the rarest hair type? ›

1A is the rarest hair type. It is usually found on people of Asian descent. 1B hair, on the other hand, is the most common hair type.

What are the 4 types of hair texture? ›

The system is divided into four major categories:
  • Type 1: straight.
  • Type 2: wavy.
  • Type 3: curly.
  • Type 4: coily.
Oct 17, 2022

What is the least popular hair type? ›

The least common hair type, 1A hair is extremely fine and perfectly straight. Consequently, it can look a bit flat and limp and might prove difficult to style. Dry shampoo can be your ally in the fight against excessive oil and thick hair products that might weigh your hair down are best avoided.

Is it better to sleep with your hair up or down? ›

It is best to sleep with your hair down if your hair length is short. This also lets the air flow freely through your hair, which makes you sleep more comfortably. On the other hand, if you have long hair, it is recommended to tie your hair loosely to prevent knots and breakage.

Which hairstyle does not cause hair loss? ›

Braids can be a great option when trying to avoid hair loss. This is mainly because they are low to the head and don't pull on the hair too much. They also often sit on the shoulders, which means they put less weight on the hair follicles. Out of all the hair loss-friendly hairstyles, they are also the most versatile.

What hairstyle helps hair growth? ›

Senegalese Twists

You can also switch up the twists by wearing them not only free-flowing but in a bun, ponytail, and a half up half down style. This is one of the most versatile protective hairstyles for natural hair growth!

Does long hair make you older or younger? ›

Forget what you thought about long hair past the age of 40—thick hair actually looks more youthful and polished when it falls shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair has a tendency to expand at the ends, leaving you with an unflattering triangle effect.

Is long or short hair more aging? ›

Will short hair really make a woman look younger? A new study reveals that age 46 is when a woman decides to cut her hair short for a more "mature" style. Long hair after 40 doesn't automatically make you look older, but since hair thins as you age, pump up the volume with layers and movement around the face.

Who should not get wolf cut? ›

If you already have thick hair, it would be best to avoid getting a wolf cut unless you truly want to add volume to your hair. Wolf cuts do not need much styling and have a carefree, laid-back appearance.


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