Smart Heating Solutions in Long Island: Unbeatable Prices and Exceptional Service (2023)


Discover a new level of convenience and affordability with Smart Touch Energy's home heating oil services in Long Island, New York. We understand the importance of reliable, cost-effective heating solutions for Long Island residents. At Smart Touch Energy, we go beyond expectations, offering live pricing, online ordering, and swift deliveries by local dealers, especially crucial during the winter months. With no contracts or commitments, we prioritize flexibility and savings for our valued customers.

Extensive Coverage in Long Island

Smart Touch Energy isn't confined to Brooklyn and Queens; we extend our top-tier fuel delivery services to Nassau and Suffolk counties. Long Island residents now have access to some of the most competitive oil prices coupled with unparalleled customer service and convenient delivery options.

Tailored Oil Delivery Options

Choosing Smart Touch Energy means having control over your heating oil deliveries. We offer two flexible options:

1. One-Time Delivery Service

Ideal for those who prefer autonomy in managing their heating oil supply. Monitor your tank levels and contact us for a refill when needed. This option allows you to explore the best oil prices in Long Island at your convenience.

2. Automatic Delivery Program

For those who value hassle-free service, our Automatic Delivery program is a game-changer. We track your fuel usage and notify you when it's time for a refill, using data about your home and heating oil needs. Enjoy the convenience of never running out and potential annual savings of up to $200.

The Smart Touch Advantage

1. Lower Home Heating Oil Prices

What sets Smart Touch Energy apart is our significant buying power, enabling us to secure heating oil at bulk prices. This, coupled with extended storage capabilities and a streamlined online system, allows us to pass on savings to our Long Island customers.

2. Infrastructure for Seasonal Savings

Our advanced infrastructure allows us to store fuel for extended periods, enabling strategic purchases at seasonal lows. This ensures not only competitive prices but also prompt and reliable deliveries throughout Long Island.

3. Technological Efficiency

Smart Touch Energy embraces technology with paperless billing and online ordering systems, reducing administrative tasks and overhead costs. Besides contributing to lower heating oil prices, this eco-friendly approach aligns with modern sustainability practices.

4. Cost-Effective Delivery

Our extensive network of partners across NYC, Long Island, and beyond gives us a competitive edge in negotiating lower delivery costs. Lower delivery expenses translate directly to more affordable heating oil prices for our Long Island customers.

Additional Services for Your Comfort

At Smart Touch Energy, we go beyond fuel deliveries. Our technicians offer:

1. HVAC Inspections

Ensure your home's HVAC system is in top condition with our comprehensive inspections and tune-ups, saving you from the hassle of separate contractor calls.

2. Prime/Restart Service

For burners that have run out of fuel, our trained technicians provide priming and safe restart services, preventing damage due to air in the fuel lines.


Experience unmatched reliability, affordability, and customer service with Smart Touch Energy. Whether you opt for one-time delivery or our Automatic Delivery program, our commitment to excellence ensures you enjoy the lowest heating oil prices in Long Island. Take advantage of our technological innovations and comprehensive services—sign up for a no-obligation Smart Touch Energy account today to check the latest heating oil prices for Long Island, including Hempstead, Islip, and beyond.

and elevate your home heating experience with Smart Touch Energy.


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