Smart Touch Energy: Your Trusted Maryland Heating Oil Provider (2023)

Experience Seamless Heating Oil Services with Smart Touch Energy

Choosing Smart Touch Energy as your home heating fuel provider in Maryland guarantees you a seamless experience with easy online ordering, loyalty rewards, and convenient online price checking. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you save both time and money while enjoying quick delivery from reliable dealers in the area. Forget about contracts and commitments – we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction.

Online Price Checking for Maryland Residents

Maryland's unpredictable winter weather demands a reliable heating solution. Smart Touch Energy recognizes the challenges homeowners face in budgeting for heating costs. Our online price checking system empowers you to make informed decisions, allowing you to fill up your tank when prices are low. In a state where cold snaps are always a possibility, having a trustworthy supplier like Smart Touch Energy is essential.

Understanding Maryland Heating Oil Prices

In Maryland, approximately 16% of homes rely on fuel oil as their primary heat source. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the factors influencing the prices they pay for heating oil. Smart Touch Energy is here to shed light on this matter and help you make cost-effective choices.

Seasonal Demand and Cost Management

Home heating oil prices in Maryland fluctuate based on seasonal demand. Understanding this, Smart Touch Energy advises filling your tank when prices are low to save on monthly bills. Alternatively, partnering with us, a supplier with the buying power to offset seasonal changes, ensures stability in pricing.

Transparent Pricing and Billing Policies

Smart Touch Energy distinguishes itself by offering transparent pricing and billing policies. Our rates, often $0.40 lower per gallon than U.S. Energy Information Administration averages, reflect our commitment to providing value. Online ordering and billing not only offer convenience but also contribute to lower admin fees, translating to savings for our customers.

Quick and Reliable Delivery

Our extensive resources as a Shipley Energy company, one of the largest fuel delivery companies in the Northeast, enable us to purchase and store fuel in bulk. This strategic approach serves as a hedge against seasonal pricing increases. Most orders can be fulfilled in three days or less, with rush service available in emergencies.

Smart Touch Energy: A Cut Above the Rest

Smart Touch Energy stands out in delivering some of the best fuel oil prices in Maryland and beyond. Our competitive rates, coupled with the convenience of online ordering and transparent billing, make us the preferred choice for homeowners.

Flexible & Convenient Heating Oil Delivery Options

To cater to diverse customer needs, we offer two distinct service options:

Automatic Delivery

Our exclusive Automatic Delivery program ensures you access some of the lowest home heating oil prices in Maryland while maintaining worry-free fuel availability. Leveraging advanced technology, we accurately determine when your tank needs a refill, scheduling a convenient delivery time.

One-Time Delivery

For those who prefer flexibility, our no-contract, no-commitment one-time delivery option empowers you to choose when to refill your tank. Create a free account, browse current heating oil prices, and place your order at your convenience.

Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability

Smart Touch Energy not only offers great prices on heating oil but also prioritizes the efficiency of your heating system. Our well-trained technicians conduct comprehensive inspections, testing, cleaning, lubricating, and sealing to ensure optimal performance.

24/7 Emergency Service

In the event of a breakdown, our prompt 24/7 emergency service ensures your heating system is up and running quickly, even in the middle of the night. Our Prime and Restart Service guarantees a properly primed system after a refill, preventing future breakdowns.

Contact Smart Touch Energy for a Warm, Cost-Effective Winter

Don't endure another bone-chilling Maryland winter without the warmth and comfort your home deserves. Trust Smart Touch Energy for affordable pricing, expert service, and everything you need to stay warm all winter long. Explore our website for more information or contact our team to speak with a representative directly.

for reliable, affordable heating oil services in Maryland.


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