Streamlining Local Business Tax Receipt Process in Palm Beach County (2023)

In the vibrant economic landscape of Palm Beach County, engaging in any form of business, whether a one-person venture or a home-based operation, necessitates adherence to the local business tax regulations. The Local Business Tax Receipt, a mandatory requirement, adds a layer of legitimacy to your business operations, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations, health standards, and other legal authorities outlined in County Ordinance No. 17-2.

Before You Apply: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Fictitious Name Registration

Before diving into the application process, ensure you have a copy of your Fictitious Name Registration if applicable.

2. Zoning Approval

Zoning approval is crucial. For businesses within city limits, submit the application to the city for zoning approval. Unincorporated businesses in Palm Beach County must obtain approval from Palm Beach County Planning, Zoning & Building.

3. Municipal/City Business Tax Receipt

If applicable, submit this application to the city for zoning approval.

4. Copies of State or County Certifications/License

Include copies of relevant certifications or licenses from state and county authorities.

Applying for Local Business Tax Receipt: Choose Your Method

Online Application

  1. Click to fill out the Local Business Tax Receipt Online Form.
  2. Once submitted, a payment processing specialist will contact you for payment instructions or additional information.

By Mail

  1. Complete the application and mail it to: Palm Beach County Tax Collector Attn: Business Tax Department P.O. Box 3353 West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353
  2. Upon receiving payment, your local business tax receipt will be mailed.


  1. Make a reservation at a service center to process your application.
  2. Bring the completed application to your reservation.
  3. Once processed and payment received, your local business tax receipt will be issued.

Obtain a Copy of a Local Business Tax Receipt

If you need a copy, complete the . Payment options include online payment, mail, or using secure drop boxes in service centers.

Local Business Tax Dates and Deadlines

  • Renewals: July 1 – September 30
  • Delinquent: October 1, subject to penalties
  • New receipts issued: October – March (full one-year amount), April – September (prorated to six months)
  • Tangible personal property tax for businesses with assets over $25,000.

Delinquent Local Business Tax Penalties

  • October 1: 10% penalty
  • November 1: 15% penalty
  • December 1: 20% penalty + $10.00 collection fee
  • January 1: 25% penalty + $10.00 collection fee
  • February 1: Additional $250 fine
  • March 1: Legal action filed

Exemptions and Closing/Moving a Business

Certain organizations and individuals are exempt. Closing or moving a business requires prompt notification to avoid penalties.

Local Business Tax FAQs

  1. Why do I need a local business tax receipt for Palm Beach County?

    • No person shall engage in or manage any business without obtaining a local business tax receipt (Palm Beach County Ordinance 17-17).
  2. Does the address on my state license have to reflect the location where I work?

    • No, the business address does not have to match the certification address.
  3. I own a salon. Do I need a cosmetology local business tax receipt?

    • If licensed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a local business tax receipt is required.
  4. Do I need zoning approval?

    • Yes, depending on the business location, zoning approval is necessary.
  5. Does my out-of-county business need a local business tax receipt?

    • If providing merchandise or services in Palm Beach County, a local business tax receipt is required.

For a detailed list of exemptions, refer to .


Navigating the local business tax process in Palm Beach County is a strategic endeavor, crucial for the smooth operation of businesses. Stay informed, adhere to deadlines, and leverage the online, mail, or in-person application methods to ensure your local business tax receipt is obtained efficiently. Your compliance not only aligns with legal requirements but also contributes to the seamless economic fabric of Palm Beach County.


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