Tourist Development Tax in Palm Beach County: A Comprehensive Overview (2023)


Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Tourist Development Tax in Palm Beach County. As a leading destination, Palm Beach County has implemented a robust Tourist Development Plan aimed at advancing tourism, enhancing the tourist industry, and attracting visitors from across the globe. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the key aspects of the Tourist Development Tax, its intent, levy, collection, and the pivotal role played by the Tourist Development Council.

Tourist Development Tax: Understanding the Basics

Title and Intent

The Tourist Development Tax, also known as the "Tourist Development Ordinance of Palm Beach County," was established to ensure the growth of tourism. Affirmed by the Board of County Commissioners, the tax aims to promote, generate, and develop tourism within Palm Beach County.

Levy and Imposition

The tax is reestablished at varying rates, starting from one percent and increasing to six percent over the years. It is imposed on the total rental charges for accommodations in various establishments for a term of six months or less. The tax is in addition to other taxes and fees and is collected by the person receiving the lease or rental consideration.

Collection and Administration

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection and administration of the tax. Dealers, those receiving lease or rental consideration, must remit the tax to the Tax Collector, who, in turn, enforces and audits the tax collection. The Tax Collector is authorized to examine the books and records of dealers to ensure compliance.

Tourist Development Council

The Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council, established as an advisory council, plays a pivotal role in recommending effective operation strategies, special projects, and uses of tax revenue. With nine members, including elected officials, accommodation owners, and tourism industry representatives, the council ensures diverse perspectives.

Tourist Development Plan: Allocating Tax Revenues

Purpose and Allocation

The Tourist Development Plan outlines the uses of tax revenue for specific projects or special uses, adhering to Florida Statutes. The plan categorizes allocations into A to I, covering diverse aspects like tourism promotion, cultural and arts entertainment, beach improvement, film and television marketing, special projects, convention center operation, and sports event promotion.

Special Allocations

The plan allows for special allocations, such as reserving funds for special major projects and events. A portion of the bed tax revenues is directed to an account for these initiatives, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to opportunities that arise.

Annual Review and Amendment

The Tourist Development Council and the Board conduct an annual review of the plan, recommending revisions if necessary. Amendments to the plan require approval by an affirmative vote of the Board of County Commissioners.


In conclusion, Palm Beach County's Tourist Development Tax and Plan are integral components in fostering tourism growth. From the levy of taxes to strategic allocations, the county demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the visitor experience. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the intricacies of the Tourist Development Tax and serves as a valuable resource for understanding the county's tourism development initiatives.


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