Unlocking Insights: A Comprehensive Guide to Global Energy Prices (2023)


In the dynamic landscape of global energy markets, understanding and analyzing energy prices is crucial for informed decision-making. Our comprehensive guide delves into the intricate details of energy pricing, covering various datasets and providing valuable insights for stakeholders across industries.

Energy Prices Dataset Overview

1. Energy Prices - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Our dataset encompasses end-user energy prices across four key sectors: Electricity, Natural Gas, Kerosene, LPG, Fuel Oil, and Coal. With coverage in 57 countries weekly, 89 monthly, 102 quarterly, and 130 yearly, it offers a granular perspective on price fluctuations.

2. Transport Fuels - Unlocking Mobility Insights

For those interested in the transportation sector, our Transport Fuels dataset provides in-depth analysis. Covering Regular, Mid-grade, and High-grade Motor Gasoline, as well as Automotive Diesel, it spans 68 countries weekly, 104 monthly, 117 quarterly, and 133 yearly.

3. Other Products - A Customized Compilation

Tailored to relevance, the Other Products dataset includes a compilation of ad-hoc products like Fuelwood and Bioethanol. With weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly updates, it caters to diverse energy interests.

4. Subnational Transport Fuel Prices

For a localized perspective, our dataset includes yearly averages for subnational transport fuel prices in 18 key countries. Covering products like Regular Motor Gasoline and Automotive Diesel, it provides a nuanced understanding of regional variations.

5. Energy Prices Taxation Information

Dive into the economic aspects with our Taxation Information dataset, covering seven categories of taxes across sectors and products for 71 countries. This additional layer of information enhances the overall understanding of the energy pricing landscape.

6. End-use Energy Prices and Taxes for OECD Countries

Explore yearly and quarterly breakdowns of end-use energy prices and taxes for OECD countries. With details on products like High Sulphur Fuel Oil, Light Fuel Oil, and Electricity, this dataset offers a comprehensive view of energy pricing within the OECD.

7. Crude Oil Insights

Delve into the costs of crude oil imports with our Crude Oil datasets. From quarterly and yearly average costs by IEA member country to costs by type of crude and spot prices, these datasets provide a holistic view of the global crude oil market.

8. Indices and Consumer Metrics

Our dataset includes indices of real and nominal end-use energy prices, along with consumer and producer price indices, exchange rates, and purchasing power parities. These metrics offer a broader economic context for understanding energy pricing dynamics.

9. Wholesale and Retail Price Indices

Get a grasp on market trends with wholesale and retail price indices for energy products, covering Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, and Coal. These indices provide a valuable perspective on the pricing dynamics at different points in the energy supply chain.

10. Monthly Prices Excerpt

Stay updated with our monthly Prices Excerpt dataset, offering end-user total prices for transport fuels in selected countries. This regularly updated dataset ensures you have the latest information at your fingertips.


In the ever-evolving world of energy prices, our comprehensive datasets empower stakeholders with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. From weekly updates on end-user prices to detailed insights into taxation and crude oil markets, our datasets offer a valuable resource for those navigating the complexities of the global energy landscape. Explore the intricacies, unlock insights, and stay ahead with our extensive energy prices datasets.


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