Unraveling Insights from Sir Patrick Vallance's COVID Inquiry Testimony (2023)


In the ongoing COVID inquiry, Sir Patrick Vallance, the former chief scientific adviser to the government, provided compelling testimony shedding light on critical aspects of the decision-making process during the early days of the pandemic. From revelations about the handling of long COVID risks to insights into the dynamics between scientific advice and economic considerations, Vallance's statements offer a nuanced perspective on the challenges faced by the government.

Unveiling Matt Hancock's Credibility Issues

During the inquiry, attention turned to Sir Patrick Vallance's diaries, specifically addressing former Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Vallance highlighted a concerning pattern in Hancock's communication, noting that Hancock often made statements without a solid evidential basis. Describing Hancock's approach as marked by over-enthusiasm and premature assertions, Vallance suggested a discrepancy between the statements and the actual evidence, categorically stating that Hancock said things that "weren't true."

Downing Street's Skepticism on Long COVID

The inquiry also delved into Vallance's diary entries that disclosed Downing Street's skepticism regarding the risks of long COVID. Vallance expressed his concerns about Number 10's pushback on allowing some individuals back into public life, emphasizing the importance of considering the potential long-term effects on young people. Notably, Boris Johnson himself displayed skepticism about long COVID, likening it to Gulf War Syndrome and downplaying its significance.

David Cameron's Formal Entry into the House of Lords

Amidst the COVID inquiry proceedings, attention briefly shifted to parliamentary business. The House of Lords witnessed the formal introduction of former Prime Minister David Cameron as a life peer. This unexpected move, part of Rishi Sunak's cabinet reshuffle, took many by surprise, with Conservative benches notably filled during Cameron's introduction.

Scientist's Role in News Conferences and Policy Questions

The inquiry explored the roles of Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty in COVID news conferences. Vallance asserted that they did not actively seek the role but believed in the value of presenting data and evidence to the public. However, Vallance acknowledged challenges when questions veered into overtly policy-driven and political territory during press conferences, highlighting the delicate balance scientists faced.

Treasury's Approach Critiqued by Sir Patrick Vallance

Sir Patrick Vallance's testimony included a critique of the Treasury's handling of economic advice. Referring to a note about the Treasury's economic predictions lacking evidence and transparency, Vallance expressed frustration at the perceived lack of clarity in economic modeling. This lack of transparency, according to Vallance, unduly emphasized science advice over economic considerations, posing challenges in decision-making processes.

Rishi Sunak's Promise of Tax Cuts

In a noteworthy development unrelated to the inquiry, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised tax cuts in a speech. Sunak, addressing the government's success in halving inflation, hinted at a shift in focus towards cutting taxes. Amidst a busy political landscape, Sunak's commitment to reducing the tax burden, a topic of significant interest within his party, sets the stage for potential announcements in the upcoming autumn statement.


Sir Patrick Vallance's testimony in the COVID inquiry provides a nuanced understanding of the decision-making challenges faced by the government in the early days of the pandemic. From credibility issues with former Health Secretary Matt Hancock to the dynamics between scientists and policymakers, Vallance's insights contribute to a comprehensive picture of the complexities involved. Additionally, Rishi Sunak's promise of tax cuts adds a layer of anticipation to the political landscape, promising significant developments in the government's economic agenda. As the inquiry unfolds, these revelations shape the narrative surrounding the UK's pandemic response and future policy directions.


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